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Employee Health & Wellness

G. Zavitz Ltd. has been working with local schools since 2012 as part of their Co-operative Education Programs.  As a part of those initiatives and collaborations, the Health & Safety Department is proud and excited to present the Employee Health & Wellness section of the website.

With the assistance of these students, we have created a Health & Wellness page for Employees.  Students have worked diligently on researching and creating appealing documents for the GZL employees to view and read.

It has become increasingly important for the Health & Safety Department to do a page like this, as most of the employees have jobs which keep them in stationary positions for extended lengths of time. With the lack of movement and potentially poor diets, as employees, we are putting ourselves at risk for health issues and injuries. It is our hope that we all take advantage of the information and make conscious decisions about our health and well being.

Please be aware that this information is from various sources that our Co-op students have compiled from the internet.  We do not claim to be health experts, we are just providing a single source for employees to gather some information to make healthier choices.  It is advised that you seek advice from a physician prior to any health regime. 

Articles Compiled by Ciera Jones

11 Tips for Healthy Eating                                             Truckers Guide to Fast Food Part 1

The Body is a Machine                                                  Truckers Guide to Fast Food Part 2

The Truth About Food Labels                                        Healthy Grilling

Protein                                                                           Taking an Active Role in your Life

Getting The Best Bang For Your Grocery Buck            Portion Control

Meal Planning                                                               Dealing with Stress

The Truth About Cholesterol                                         Packing a Lunch that Packs a Punch

"B" For a Better Life                                                      Sugar Coating the Truth

You Should Probably Get that Checked out                 Water

Smoking - "Breaking Up with a Killer"                           Super Foods

Super Foods Part 2                                                      Tips for Dining Out

The Art of Meditation                                                    Fun in the Sun

Starting a Training Regimen                                         Dental Health